Our Team

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Preaching Minister

Taylor Cave

Taylor and Connie served South Walker years ago in youth ministry and then spent ten years sharing the Good News of Jesus with others in Victoria, Brazil. Taylor's favorite thing to do is answer questions about God and any other topics found in the Bible - even the tough ones!

Outreach Minister

Jacob Bautista

Jacob and Savanna joined us in January 2020! Jacob has prayed and dreamed of working especially with "second generation Latinos" because he understands what it is like to group up speaking both Spanish and English and to live in a blend of two cultures. He would love to hear your "second generation" story!

Gary Canan

Involvement Minister

Gary and his wife Jeannette make a great team working with many ministries of the church including: Whiz Kids tutoring, Bible Classes, Food and Fellowship, and a dozen other things!

Education Minister

David Clevenger II

David serves as our Education, Discipleship, and Missions Minister. David is married to Aron and they have a son named Davey. Both he and Aron have traveled to Central and South America on mission trips among Spanish-speaking countries.

Children's Minister

Aron Clevenger

Aron leads our children's ministry at South Walker. She has many years experience teaching and even majored in Children's Ministry at Oklahoma Christian University. She and her husband David love their son Davey and make sure he is at all church activities- you should bring your children too!

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Savanna Bautista

Savanna is married to Jacob, our Outreach Minister. Both speak English and Spanish and love to help people become all that God intended for them to be!